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How does your learning community use technology?

With dedicated, and highly qualified Google for Education Trainers on our TL Specialists team, we are able to work with schools and districts to support them in their Google for Education journey. Our team has extensive experience with leading trainings in schools and districts across the U.S. and internationally. Here at TL Specialists, we base our interactions with schools on the differentiated needs of the schools and their constituents. We offer training services customized to the needs and goals of your organization.

We offer a range of services to help you achieve the results you’re after. Not sure what you need, or what it costs? We can explain what services are right for you and tell you more about our fees. Get in touch below.



We offer training on a number of different topics. These training sessions can be aligned to your school goals. We work with you to discover your community's needs and develop training sessions that can be offered in differentiated formats for the educators in your environment. We specialize in Google for Education services.



As a Recommended Partner for the Google Certified Coach program, we offer mentoring services to the coaches and administration members of your organization. In knowing how much stress this group faces, we provide mentoring services to aid in time and stress management and to support the coach's journey in becoming a Googel Certified Coach.

Community Support

Community Support

Your larger school community matters. We provide custom support for the families in your organization. This support ranges from workshops on parenting strategies, device management, and digital lives. This support can also include video and infographic creation that provides asynchronous training on a tool used in your education environment.

Here are some of the training sessions we've led:

Computer Science
  • Bringing Equity into CS Education
  • Computational Thinking Infused Lesson Planning
  • Computational Thinking Infused Lesson Delivery
  • Creating Equity in Computer Science Education
  • CS Learning at Home
  • Making Coding Equitable
  • Teaching CS in Hybrid and Remote Environments
  • Introducing CS to our Youngest Learners


  • Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in Today’s World
  • Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in Computer Science Education
  • An Introduction to Kami
  • Analyzing Data in Google Sheets
  • Assessment in Google Classroom
  • Bitmojifying Google Slides
  • Classroom Management in Remote Learning
  • Creating Interactive Google Slides
  • Google Drive – Getting Organized
  • Google Drive – Sharing and Searching
  • Google Forms – Advanced Differentiation
  • Google Forms – Creating an Assessment
  • Google Keep for Anywhere, Anytime Notetaking
  • Google Sites for Remote Learning
  • Google Workspace for Education Plus updates
  • How-to Screencastify video edit 
  • Including All Learners with G Suite
  • Innovating with 21st Century Skills
  • Kami-embedded Google Classroom
  • Level Up in Google Classroom 
  • Making Room for Loom
  • Math Jams
  • Remote Teaching Strategies
  • Saving Time in Google Classroom
  • Student Activities Across the Curriculum in Jamboard
  • Student Engagement in Google Workspace
  • Branching Forms for Differentiation
  • Getting Started with MinecraftEDU
  • Sway this Way
  • The Edge of Accessibility
  • 1:1 Digital Parenting Workshop
  • Accessing Google Classroom – the parent side
  • Accessing Seesaw – the parent side
  • Keeping Up with Digital Times



  • Bringing Real-World Purpose into Education
  • Global Thinking and Designing with SDGs
  • SDGs and the C3 Framework


  • Mental Health and Wellness in the midst of a Pandemic
  • SEL in Hybrid Learning
  • SEL in Remote Early Learning
  • SEL-focused Teaching with tech
  • Social Emotional Learning Through Technology for At-Risk Teens
  • Blending SEL and EdTech to Increase Student Engagement
  • Creating a Space for Social Awareness and Relationships
  • Supporting Student Well-Being



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