TL Specialists is an equity-minded education organization established to provide personalized training for schools and districts around the world. In a time where the education system is facing one of its biggest pivots of the era, we are here to deliver personalized educational technology training to your school’s educators with a focus on SEL and equity to help prepare communities for this new shift to a hybrid world.

Service Offerings

Our EdTech Trainings are customized based on learner needs. In our training sessions, we focus on both WHAT the tool is, as well as HOW to use it in learning environments. Tool expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite)
  • Microsoft EDU
  • Seesaw
  • Nearpod

Developing a curriculum requires knowing the learning goals and standards. Our specialists are experienced in Common Core State Standards (CCSS), Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), C3 Framework and ISTE Standards. We work with you to deliver real-world curriculum that is standard-aligned and can be delivered in remote environments.

Sometime the best way to reach an audience is through not a video, but an image. With our services we work with you to figure out what your needs are, then we create a visual infographic and/or flowchart that lays out the information in a way that allows the audience to easily digest it.

Sometimes people just need a place where they can go to ask questions on a variety of topics. This is where Office Hours come into play. When we provide Office Hours for your organization, we do our homework ahead of time to get an idea of what your community’s needs are. During Office Hours, participants can ask us questions on anything, and our specialists provide just-in-time responses to these requests.

Embedding SEL practices into both teaching and training. Allowing learners to experience SEL in action, and giving them the opportunity to practice in real-time.

  • Self Awareness
  • Self Management
  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship Skills
  • Responsible Decision-Making
In a time where most of the world has shifted to online environments, the “how-to” of using different online tools can get rather murky. Rather than sending your users on endless web searches for videos that “cover” more than you would ever need to know, contact us. We can create customized tutorial videos for your organization, specialized based on the target audience.