Math Jams

Math is one of the subject areas that sometimes gets a bad rap. It doesn’t have to be that way any longer! With remote and hybrid learning, there comes an opportunity for us to create real-world learning opportunities for our students, with math. What’s even better is that we can now create visual learning opportunities to help benefit ALL of our learners.

During a recent free virtual conference, our founder Tara Linney shared some great ways to use Jamboard for math activities with students. The math activities span K-12, so be sure to scroll through. For tips on how to use Jamboard, check out the recorded session here:

Feel free to also make a copy of this free Jamboard resource filled with a variety of templated activities that can be used in math instruction.

Math Jams

Upon making a copy of this activity (3 circles in upper-right), you can duplicate boards, customize boards, and/or add and subtract them to meet your needs.

We hope you enjoy this FREE resource, and hope that it helps to inspire you to bring more visual learning opportunities into your own math instruction 😊 !

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