With everything going on in the world, we created this business so that we can help schools and educators around the world with remote training. As we grow, one thing that separates us from other organizations is that our trainers are educators who have worked in schools within the last few years. We have experience being both online learners and trainers. We also believe in equity and empathy in both the planning of and the presenting of our training sessions.  


Tara Linney is an international, award-winning educator, who has helped several schools nationally and internationally with launching and sustaining effective 1:1 programs over the course of the last decade. She holds a B.A. in Mass Communications from the University of South Florida, and an M.S. in the Science of Instruction from Drexel University. She also holds a certification as an Instructional Technology Specialist. In 2015, she was the guest of Congressman Bill Foster for the State of the Union.  In 2016, she received the 21st Century Learning Award for Innovation in Educational Coaching. Since the start of her career in Education, Tara has played an active role in many professional communities. In 2017, she served as the ISTE Global Collaboration PLN President, where she led an organizational pivot to focus on SDGs in Education. In addition to her work in the PLN teams, Tara is also an ISTE Certified Educator.

Her understanding of how technology fits in education is vast. In both planning and training, Tara can speak both IT and education technology. Tara holds many credentials:

  • ASCD Emerging Leader
  • ASCD Emerging Leader Mentor
  • Google Certified Educator
  • Google Certified Innovator
  • Google Certified Innovator Mentor
  • Google Education Trainer 
  • ISTE Certified Educator
  • ISTE Certified Trainer
  • Raspberry Pi Certified Educator
  • Seesaw Ambassador

She has had the privilege to speak at over 100 conferences in 10 different countries and online, impacting the work of thousands of educators all around the world. In 2018, Tara authored and published the book, Code Equity: Keying Girls into Coding, as a guide for educators looking to make a more equitable learning environment for their students, particularly in the teaching of computer science topics. Her overall mission is to create a culture of equitable learning conditions for learners of all ages. 


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